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MERLIN LEGEND® Advanced Solutions
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MERLIN LEGEND® Advanced Solutions
MERLIN LEGEND Advanced Solutions is a portfolio of communications solutions specifically designed to keep your business moving forward with confidence. These solutions are built on a powerful yet easy-to-use multimedia platform that allows your customers, coworkers, and suppliers to communicate in the most convenient way, in virtually any medium—via telephone, voice messaging, E-mail, group or desktop video, the Internet, and more.
At the heart of Advanced Solutions is the reliable MERLIN LEGEND Communications System—a flexible, modular system that is easy to install, maintain, use, and adapt. As your business grows and changes, the system can grow and change with it, expanding to up to 80 telephone lines and 200 telephones. You can choose from an array of feature-rich digital telephones, including display models that show the time/day/date as well as feature programming menus. The multiline extension telephones (MLX) also support Integrated Systems Digital Network (ISDN)—the digital standard for more reliable communications, high-speed data transfer, and Internet access. You can also use PARTNER® telephones that you might already own, protecting your existing phone investments. Caller identification information for incoming calls - name and number, external as well as internal - can be shown on your multi-line display phones, improving security, productivity, call handling efficiency, and caller satisfaction. The MLX and PARTNER phones work with a choice of MERLIN LEGEND messaging applications, to further help increase efficiency and productivity. Plus, system administration is easier than ever, with user-friendly WinSPM maintenance and programming software available for the MERLIN LEGEND system.
The MERLIN LEGEND System's powerful multimedia and ISDN connectivity make it a low-cost, full-service resource, offering many productivity-enhancing applications. New solutions include TAPI and TSAPI Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and two call center solutions: The Basic Service Center and the Enhanced Service Center. Some of the applications available with these solutions are: CTI Applications "Screen Pop" to personalize dialogue, Enhanced Call Distribution Direct Group Calling for faster call processing, and Historical and "Real-Time" reporting for better system management. Also available is an easy-to- use, cost-effective networking solution (MERLIN LEGEND System to MERLIN LEGEND System and/or DEFINITY® Communications System) that lets you link multiple sites so users can share voice, high-speed data, and video communications facilities. This allows your business to share information, resources, and multiple media across a number of locations, quickly and cost effectively.
PARTNER® and PARTNER® ACS Communications Systems
The PARTNER family of communications systems gives small businesses the tools and features of large-business systems in more cost-effective sizes and configurations. PARTNER systems are made to grow with your enterprise. They are specifically designed to help you present a highly professional image to your customers while also streamlining operations.
PARTNER systems allow you to connect fax machines, credit card readers, answering machines, and modems, without dedicated lines or expensive adapters. They also offer call ID, cordless, wireless, and computer-telephone integration (CTI). And, all PARTNER systems come with user-friendly administration to help you track business calling, and they have security features to help protect against misuse of your system.
Whether your enterprise's needs are basic or sophisticated – or somewhere in between – the PARTNER family of products is designed to meet your requirements now and in the future. PARTNER systems are available worldwide, including many countries in Asia and Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, North America, and the Middle East.
All systems are backed by our Bell Laboratories expertise and Lucent Technologies dedicated customer care. Technical support is just a phone call away – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
PARTNER systems come in four levels of sophistication and capacity – one of which is sure to fit your specific business needs.
For a free consultation call 415 671-0971 or email us at avaya,avaya products,Avaya Product Information,Avaya Business Telephone Systems,
avaya,avaya products,Avaya Product Information,Avaya Business Telephone Systems,