Established in 1997, Telenet Solutions has been around for almost two decades, helping businesses in California handle their phone systems needs for small to big employee populations. When it comes down to it, business value telecommunications, and the best way to improve is to see options. Telenet Solutions believes in providing long-term and reliable solutions for its clients.

Here are five reasons most San Francisco businesses choose us over the competition.

Precise Listing of Needed Technology

Immediately after an inquiry, Telenet Solutions would send a Sales Engineer qualified to provide an analysis regarding the current telecommunications system of the company. The engineer would recommend several options and the advantages and disadvantages of each phone system the engineer provides — along with the price list of products and items to be used for the phone system establishment.

Customized Experience

Regardless of their size and possible budget, businesses will always need telecommunications in specific ways. No fixed formula that works as an instant solution for all businesses exists; solutions vary with the number of employees working in the company. Telenet Solutions aims to provide a feasible and long-lasting customized solution for any phone service need. Subcontractor partners, working with the company, value the idea of listening to the business’ telecommunication needs to ensure they provide the pin-precise solution to accelerate and enhance the business’ capabilities and performance.

Unlimited Service

Most phone system developers and service providers charge additional fees as per tier of difficulty in establishing phone system solutions. Additional charges also surface for additional company branches to undergo the renovations and network updates established in other branches. With Telenet Solutions, businesses have unlimited services at a better price than the competition despite the number of locations and branches they could have.

Quick Response Times

Telenet Solutions values the minutes to hours business invest operating with the company. The company provides highly-skilled, certified phone system and telecommunication technicians that could respond within 3 business days after an order from a business has been confirmed. Subcontractors affiliated with the company would immediately respond if the client were outside California.

Independent Contractors

Telenet Solutions is made of an independent group of contractors that do not push for profit but rather, a better solution the business might need delivered by a proper subcontractor affiliated with Telenet Solutions. All independent contractors also provides a “Happiness Guarantee” that guarantees reparations and fixes to any issues arising during the service without any extra charge.