The terms “SIP” and “SIP Trunk” may sound like a foreign language to you now, but these are fairly common terms in the telecommunications industry. Don’t worry, Telenet Solutions can assist you in decoding SIP and SIP Trunk and understandingwhy it’s important to your business.

Here are the top 5 facts that you need to know to understand SIP:

  • VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, refers to any type of voice call transmitted over the internet. SIP is a version VoIP.
  • SIP stands for “Session Initiation Protocol”; it is the communication protocol that the telecommunications industry has standardized on for signaling and controlling multimedia communication.
  • A SIP Trunk allows you to make calls the same as your analog phone lines, however the difference is instead of a physical wire connecting your communication system the SIP Trunk uses the internet to carry the voice signal. It can also carry data and video signals. 
  • SIP Trunk is necessary if you want to install a Cloud PBX system because the SIP trunk is what delivers the call over the internet.
  • SIP Trunks are quickly becoming popular because they provide a high standard of service, reduce telephone costs in minutes and deliver the option for lower rates for local and long-distance communication.