New Business Phone System Installs and Current System Upgrades

Businesses need to communicate with their customers, vendors and employees. It’s critical that businesses have a reliable, functional phone system that fits their needs. What we do at Telenet Solutions is provide those means of communicating along with technical support should anything go wrong. When a company is considering making an investment in a phone system, usually they’re not sure how to do this or who to turn to. This is where we come in. We offer comprehensive phone system service for both new and existing clients.

The Process

When you call us, you can be sure that we will be able to find the perfect solution for you. We will go through a short screening process to figure out the best solution to your problems. We offer ideas for streamlining communications within your business, how other businesses are using current technology, and how we can be of most help to you. Our solutions include both on premise PBX or business phone systems, as well as cloud or hosted based business phone systems. We offer best in class manufacturers and service providers to satisfy your requirements. We provide solutions for you that address your requirements. This will come in the form of a proposal that completely outlines the process of buying, installing, and servicing your new equipment. Once a decision has been made on purchasing the right equipment, we will set an installation appointment. This almost always happens within two weeks. Looking for more than just phone systems? We also provide information and services for cabling and wiring, recommended phone service, recommended bandwidth based on number of phones and usage limits, and we can even test your network. Most of the installation and servicing processes are very hands off for you, the business owner. We can work while you do what you do best; expand the business. Once we’ve installed your new phone system, we do offer training for programming the phones to make the systems work effectively and efficiently for you. Our service technicians will guide you step by step through the process so you won’t ever have to worry about wasting time with a service call to us.

Locations We Serve

Although we are based in California and have three locations, we do provide service across the United States. No matter where you are, our technicians are waiting to help. Sound good? Then call today!


Call us today! Our representatives are waiting to get the perfect phone systems into your office.