Cloud PBX is a great choice for your businesses because it provides the reliability and simplicity of an all-in-one communication platform at an affordable price.  And the entire system can be managed by one telecommunications provider. Not convinced? Read these 5 reasons why you should pick Cloud PBX as your phone system solution.

1. Connect in New Ways.

Cloud PBX phone systems are extremely flexible and can seamlessly network technologies to integrate mobile phones, apps, and computer software.  With Cloud PBX, you can network multiple offices and remote workers together to ensure your team is always available and dramatically increase their productivity.  Just imagine a phone system that can prioritize and intelligently route your phone calls, record and archive calls, utilize softphones, enable video conferencing, add remote workers, and seamlessly network multiple offices. Cloud PBX is hosted on the internet; therefore as new features and communication tools become available you can adopt them quickly to provide new ways to connect with your clients and team.

2. Reduce Technician Support Calls.

No more 6” thick manuals or 2 weeks of specialized training to operate your phone system.  Cloud PBX is managed via an intuitive web-based administration application. This means your phone system has a built-in online help and you can make most configuration changes with easy “point and click” functionality. In fact, most users can administer about 95% of the normal functions without the need of a technician.

3. Eliminate Expensive Proprietary Equipment.

Cloud PBX phone systems are based on the industry SIP standard. There are hundreds of models of phones and applications that support this standard, so you will have the greatest prices and product choices available on the market. In contrast, an On Premise PBX phone system requires proprietary phones to use advanced features and proprietary extension modules to add features.

4. Improve Customer Service & Productivity

The Cloud PBX system is computer-based, so you can integrate phone functions with business applications. This technology enables your employees to be more productive and deliver better customer service.

For example; a “screen pop” can bring up the customer record of the caller automatically when you receive their call, dramatically improving customer service and cutting cost by reducing time spent on each caller. Outbound calls can be placed directly from Outlook, or your CRM applications thus removing the need for the user to type in the phone number. Messages can be consolidated in to a single inbox with unified communications and customized greetings and routings for your top customers. And new mobile applications can provide apps on your smart phones for seamless call features and capabilities on your cellular devices, allowing your staff to be connected from virtually any device anywhere.

5. Reap Huge Savings

With Cloud PBX there are so many ways to save.

First, with Cloud PBX you typically have no equipment to buy as all of the equipment and services you need are delivered as part of your low monthly service fee.  A typical monthly investment is between $20 to $30 dollars per extension.

Next, Cloud PBX does not require a dedicated staff to manage the solution. This will allow you to focus your staff on more important aspects of growing your business.

Also, your Cloud PBX provider will deliver local, long distance and international calling at lower rates than traditional services. Also, if you have branch offices, you can easily connect phone systems between branches and make free phone calls.  Connecting to remote or teleworkers is as easy as an internet connection.

Finally, there are huge savings to be had in cabling costs as well. A Cloud PBX system allows you to use a single cable for both your phones and computers. This dramatically reduces your costs of cabling and ports on your ethernet switches.

Add in the maintenance cost savings, cost effective growth, and an easily upgradable software-based solution and you are racking up the savings!